About Sheryl

Photo of Sheryl Burt Ruzek
Photo: Laura Cottril Photography

Currently, I’m writing In the Shadow of Silence, historical fiction in which the characters live out societal conflicts that I’ve confronted over the course of my academic career in public health.

In previous books and articles, I’ve addressed numerous topics in women’s health, health communication, medical decision-making and the role of health movements in social change. For many years I edited the Health, Society and Policy Series for Temple University Press and have served as a consultant for numerous public health organizations in the US and abroad.

A recipient of Temple University’s Great Teacher Award, I’ve developed  curricula for teaching women, health and healing and  taught epidemiology, research methods, health communication, women’s health issues, and history and ethics in medicine and public health.

When I’m not writing, I love to play the piano, find or make vintage costumes and fly around the dance floor with my husband. Our grandchildren, Max (who sings) and Kate (who wants to be a princess), share my enthusiasm for good stories.