Praise for

Women’s Health: Complexities and Differences

“An outstanding contribution to the understanding of women’s health in the US, with potential to become a primary reference in the field. Highly recommended.”

M.A. Thompson – Choice

“This volume is unique in women’s health literature, presenting feminist social science frameworks that are skillfully illustrated by examples from the experiences of particular groups of women. The careful weaving of feminist social theory and empirical work to illustrate the complexities makes this an invaluable resource for all who study women’s health and healing.”

Nancy Fugate Woods – Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society

Praise for

The Women’s Health Movement: Feminist Alternatives to Medical Control

“As a record of women’s health activities on the United States during the 1970s Ruzek’s book is unrivalled and will be of value, not just to those interested in feminist questions. The book contains much material for students of health policy on the scope for health activists to achieve aims in a fragmented and profit-dominated health care service.”

Mary Ann Elston – Sociology of Health and Illness

“…this interesting book provides significant insight into the organization of health care and movements for change.”

Barrie Thorne – Contemporary Sociology